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Asufin ramps up EU representation

Brussels, 17 September 2019 – Asufin, the Spanish association protecting the interests of financial consumers, has decided to ramp up its Brussels activities on behalf of its members. Besides its memberships within EU umbrella associations, Asufin has decided to intensify its interest representation efforts by hiring Brussels-based lobbying firm Gibbels Public Affairs.

Understanding that the majority of all rules and regulations affecting consumers on the domestic market, now originate from Brussels, the association has decided to stay ahead of the curve by providing its members with early information regarding EU developments as well as exerting influence at EU level, by offering its well-established expertise.

Asufin defends the legitimate rights and interests of users of services provided by credit institutions and credit financial institutions, investment services companies, collective investment institutions and, in general, how many persons or entities exercise directly, or indirectly, activities related to financial activity, with securities markets, insurance companies, and any other type of financial intermediary.

Asufin President Patricia Suarez said: “I am pleased to have initiated our cooperation with Gibbels Public Affairs. As an organisation, we are well aware that the bulk of legislation affecting our members comes from Brussels. I intend to make sure that our members’ voices are heard at EU level and look forward to work together closely with the EU Institutions towards creating a better regulatory framework for financial consumers”.

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