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GPA Director speaks at Asian Curry Awards in London

Left to right: Patrick Gibbels, ACF President Yawar Khan, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Patty Altdorf

London – On 17 November, GPA Director Patrick Gibbels attended the 2019 Asian Curry Awards, organized by the Asian Catering Federation (ACF). The ceremony, which was held in the prestigious Great Room at the Grosvenor House, was attended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan and many other dignitaries from across the globe.

With Brexit pending, Gibbels addressed the room of 1000 attendees by stressing the need for continued cooperation and maintaining good business relationships between the UK businesses and their Continental counterparts. Together with the Asian Catering Federation, GPA has set up a European umbrella organisation called the Asian Hospitality Federation Europe (AHFE), to defend the sector’s interest in Europe.

“Perhaps now more than ever, relations between the UK and continental Europe are uncertain. Brexit is around the corner and none of us are entirely sure what it will bring. But whatever happens, it is crucial that we maintain the good business relationships between the UK and the continent as best we can. The Asian Hospitality Federation Europe is a means to achieve just that. With your help and input, we will inform the decision-makers in Brussels of what you need from them, to make sure your businesses don’t suffer. We will tell them what you need to make sure your businesses stay profitable and we will tell them what you need to make sure you can keep employing people and creating new jobs and opportunities”, Gibbels said.

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