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GPA Succesfully launches new EU Asian Hospitality Association

On 17 October, hosted by UK MEP Amjad Bashir, GPA succesfully launched the Asian Hospitality Federation Europe by means of a high level dinner in the European Parliament’s Members’ Salon.

Attended by MEPs, Commission officials, High Commissioners and Ambassadors, as well as Brussels stakeholders, the dinner heralded the start of this unique association which will represent the Asian Hospitality Sector throughout Europe.

The Association’s first President, Mr. Yawar Khan, who also runs the UK based Asian Catering Federation, recognised that at a time where many UK associations are pulling out of Brussels or discontinuing their Brussels representation, now more than ever, it is crucial to maintain strong business links between the UK and the EU. “Our members have a very particular set of challenges,  These challenges need focused attention”
GPA Director Patrick Gibbels said: “The hurdles his members in the UK are facing, are in fact shared by many many of their continental counterparts. And that, is why the Asian Hospitality Federation Europe is now a fact. The next step for the association is to welcome new members from all over Europe and to grow its presence here in Brussels.With GPA’s experience and expertise in the Brussels bubble and the knowledge and expertise of AHFE’s members regarding the industry, I am confident that we have the potential to become the number one discussion partner for the EU, regarding the Asian hospitality industry”

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