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Our Partners



Gibbels Public Affairs (GPA) and corporate communications and PR agency InstiCOM have joined forces. By combining their areas of expertise, our two firms will offer a broader more powerful package of services to their clients.

InstiCOM is a Corporate Communications and PR agency that connects businesses with their target audiences using a result-driven approach. It optimizes relations between organisations and their stakeholders, as well as improving the reach of their messages. The result is raised awareness, credibility and an increase in brand preference by target audience. InstiCOM was founded by Hans Karperien, and the Dutch agencies IvRM and Wisse Kommunikatie in 2010. Based in Brussels, InstiCOM is the Belgian partner of the Worldcom Public Relations group.

Schinkelshoek & Verhoog

Gibbels Public Affairs joins forces with Schinkelshoek & Verhoog in The Hague..

Getting to the heart of the matter, that is the way of Schinkelshoek & Verhoog. The Hague-based Schinkelshoek & Verhoog is a high-end firm specialising in communication: media monitoring and analysis, management consulting, public affairs and lobby, training and coaching. S&V works in close consultation with administrators and their management: discretely, professionally, and effectively.