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What would you #askalobbyist ?

After answering the good old “what do you do” with “I am a lobbyist”, at birthday parties in particular, I get asked the strangest questions sometimes, ranging from: “Is it true that there is all this corruption?”; “Have you ever bribed someone?” to “What do you do all day” and “A lobbyist, so you spend your days in pinstriped suits, strolling cocktail events”…

I have decided to start answering these and other questions in a new VLOG: #ASKALOBBYIST, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends and colleagues!

For our first episode, I will be sharing the table with Wytze Russchen, a seasoned top lobbyist and author of “The Fixer” (Het Oliemannetje), whose colorful career left him with a few stories to tell!

Send me your questions, using any of the social media and the hashtag  #askalobbyist, and we will answer them next week!

Watch the first episode here

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